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Re: [SOLVED] Re: [PATCH] Show hidden drawers when org-cycle on headlines

From: stardiviner
Subject: Re: [SOLVED] Re: [PATCH] Show hidden drawers when org-cycle on headlines
Date: Sun, 19 Apr 2020 17:10:12 +0800
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Nicolas Goaziou <address@hidden> writes:

> Hello,
> stardiviner <address@hidden> writes:
>> This sounds reasonable. (I deleted my patch on my local fork, I think your 
>> solution is better.)
> I pushed the changes. Now drawers folding is on par with blocks. You can
> hide or show a drawer with `org-hide-drawer-toggle', which is similar to
> `org-hide-block-toggle'. You may want to use it.

I today update Org Mode source code, found this change. Thanks for your work.

> Now, visibility behaviour of drawers might be discussed. Currently, all
> drawers are "mostly folded", which means that Org tries to fold them
> whenever it can. OTOH, blocks are "mostly expanded", i.e., most
> operations of the structure of the document opens the blocks. An
> alternative would be to have property drawers "mostly folded" and
> regular drawers "mostly expanded", i.e., like regular blocks. But that
> would partly defeat the "tuck stuff away" feature from drawers.

I thought intuitively that property drawers "mostly expanded" and regular
drawers like :LOGBOOK: drawer "mostly folded".

> Another (better?) option would be: "don't mess with folding state" for
> regular drawers and blocks, i.e., what is open stays open, what is
> closed stays closed. But that's more difficult to achieve. Any taker?

This indeed will be more difficult. I agree. It's not worth to be more 

> In any case, I think property drawers need to be "mostly folded".

In my opinion, this design is decided by the usage of properties drawers and
other regular drawers. For now, I only used this two drawers.

For properties drawer, I use them to store meta data. Like org-contacts info,
and URL, Git path, Magit revision link, Author, Email, IMDb, DATE, TIME,
CUSTOM_ID etc. I record those info for review in case of I want to know related
info about current headline's content. For examples:

- - the "DATE" property :: I want to know when I record this headline and 
- - the "AUTHOR", "EMAIL" property :: I want to know the author name and email.
- - the "URL" property :: I might want to open it if I only record a part of 
original web page content.
- - the Magit revision link :: I might want to open it when I read the Org 

About the "LOGBOOK" drawer, I usually record one log entry, or many log entries.
The log entry can be multiple lines, so I can be very long. This long drawer
"should be folder". Instead, the properties drawer is strict to one line as
value, It will not be very long, so should "keep it expanded". This is one
reason too.

I just checked out insert regular drawer keybinding [C-c C-x d]. I think this
should be hidden. Because it is user defined drawers, no one will know how long
it is, and what purpose it is used for. And it's format similar with LOGBOOK.
Not like properties drawer which has property key and value.

On the other side, this properties drawer might be used by some Org related
extensions, like org-contacts, org-drill etc. For org-contacts, the properties
drawer should be expanded, for org-drill, this properties drawer should be

At the end, I know this is just my usage experience, this should consider most
Org user's habit of how to use those drawers.

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