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babel/noweb concatenation of equally-named code blocks fails?

From: Greg Minshall
Subject: babel/noweb concatenation of equally-named code blocks fails?
Date: Sun, 19 Apr 2020 13:07:43 -0700

hi.  the description of :noweb-ref says
When expanding “noweb” style references, the bodies of all code block
with _either_ a block name matching the reference name _or_ a
‘:noweb-ref’ header argument matching the reference name will be
concatenated together to form the replacement text.
plus, this (admittedly old) page suggests this concatenation should

if i evaluate (C-c C-c) "tryxx" below on the 9.1.9 which is in my emacs
(26.3), i get two lines of output (as shown).  if, using packages, i
"upgrade" to either of the following:
  org                9.3.6         available  gnu
  org                20200413      available  org
(and, also a 201912...), i only get the first output line ("in first
tryx").  (*tangling*, i get both code blocks.)

is the behavior in the newer versions intentional?  or, should i file a

cheers, and thanks.  and, these days, stay safe.  Greg

---- cut here ---
** continued code blocks
#+property: header-args :noweb yes

#+name: tryx
#+begin_src R
cat("in first tryx\n")

#+name: tryx
#+begin_src R
cat("in second tryx\n")

#+name: tryxx
#+begin_src R :results output

#+RESULTS: tryxx
: in first tryx
: in second tryx

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