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md5 lossage

From: Dave Love
Subject: md5 lossage
Date: Mon, 04 Aug 2003 20:21:08 +0100
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I previously reported that `md5' gives the wrong results on my debian
sparc box.  I find it isn't confined to that.  It's also wrong on
Solaris 8 and Irix 6.5 with recent sources, but OK on x86 debian and
redhat with various gcc versions and with cc on irix.  (It's also OK
generally on 21.3 as far as I can tell.)  Thus it looks like an endian
issue with the current code.

My test case is 

(md5 "foo")   ; failing
  => "dcb65dc1252381dfb708b0f40d8e48ff"

$ echo -n foo | md5sum
acbd18db4cc2f85cedef654fccc4a4d8  -

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