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Re: dired documentation

From: Jesper Harder
Subject: Re: dired documentation
Date: Mon, 08 Sep 2003 19:53:09 +0200
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Jesper Harder <address@hidden> writes:

> The command `dired-do-toggle' has been renamed to `dired-toggle-marks'
> and moved from dired-x to dired proper.  So the description in
> dired-x.texi is obsolete and should be removed:
> diff -c /home/harder/emacs/man/dired-x.texi.\~1.14.\~ 
> /home/harder/emacs/man/dired-x.texi
> *** /home/harder/emacs/man/dired-x.texi.~1.14.~       Mon Sep  1 22:29:30 2003
> --- /home/harder/emacs/man/dired-x.texi       Mon Sep  8 17:34:35 2003

Oops, the correct diff is:

diff -c /home/harder/emacs/man/dired-x.texi.\~1.14.\~ 
*** /home/harder/emacs/man/dired-x.texi.~1.14.~ Mon Sep  1 22:29:30 2003
--- /home/harder/emacs/man/dired-x.texi Mon Sep  8 19:50:22 2003
*** 1147,1161 ****
  different name.  First type @kbd{w} to push the old name onto the kill
  ring.  Then type @kbd{R} to rename it and use @kbd{C-y} inside @kbd{R}'s
  minibuffer prompt to insert the old name at a convenient place.
- @item T
- @kindex T
- @cindex Toggling marks.
- @findex dired-do-toggle
- (@code{dired-do-toggle}) Toggle marks.  That is, currently marked
- files become unmarked and vice versa.  Files marked with other flags
- (such as @samp{D}) are not affected.  The special directories @file{.}
- and @file{..} are never toggled.
  @end table
  @table @code
--- 1147,1152 ----

Diff finished at Mon Sep  8 19:50:30

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