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Re: modify-frame-parameters shifts frame upwards

From: Klaus Zeitler
Subject: Re: modify-frame-parameters shifts frame upwards
Date: 22 Sep 2003 09:40:46 +0200
User-agent: Gnus/5.09 (Gnus v5.9.0) Emacs/21.3

    Jan> Klaus Zeitler wrote:
    >> Now every time I execute this function my frame moves up a bit.
    >> modify-frame-parameters seems to be the culprit.
    >> When I call e.g.
    >> (modify-frame-parameters nil '((left . 250)))
    >> emacs not only modifies the x-coordinate, but also moves
    >> the frame upwards a bit. Such a call works fine in 21.3.

    Jan> I've checked in a fix.  But beware, in 21.3 left and top referred to

yes it works fine now, thanks.

    Jan> the outer coordinates without window manager decorations.  In CVS
    Jan> current, left and top is the coordinate with the window manager
    Jan> decorations included.
    Jan> So don't expect 21.3 and CVS current to end up at exactly the same
    Jan> position, there will be a difference that is the height/width of your
    Jan> window manager decorations.

that's ok (IMHO the CVS version behaves as what one would expect).


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