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INSTALL-CVS refers to non-existant file

From: Chris Moore
Subject: INSTALL-CVS refers to non-existant file
Date: Wed, 01 Oct 2003 02:43:48 +0200

The latest version of INSTALL-CVS says:

  Note that "make bootstrap" overwrites some files that are under CVS
  control, such as lisp/loaddefs.el.

But lisp/loaddefs.el *isn't* under CVS control.

I am getting errors telling me that loaddefs.el doesn't exist when
trying to rebuild Emacs after doing a 'cvs update' for the first time
in months.

It would be nice if INSTALL-CVS could be a little more specific about
exactly which files I need to run the 'cvs update -C' command on in
order to get the build working again, if any.

I eventually resorted to checking out the whole source tree from
scratch to get a successful build, but I'm sure I didn't really need


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