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Re: Compile issues

From: monnier
Subject: Re: Compile issues
Date: 01 Apr 2004 11:32:58 -0500
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> For instance, I'm not exactly a beginner and I recently contributed
> a Python mode which used `compile-internal'.  No-one asked me about that,
> although I understood it was to be installed, but hasn't been.

I'm not sure I understand the above.  Have you submitted a python-mode
package here in emacs-devel?  If so, I have missed it.

> I'm trying to help, though that doesn't seem to be a very productive
> activity these days.

I think in this case (and most others), what does help is a concise but
precise bug-report.  I still haven't seen that about your erlang-mode code.
Of course, maybe you'll be able to fix your erlang-mode code, but I think
it would be better if it's not needed (and I assume you agree), so if you
could explain to us what does erlang-mode do that breaks with the new
compile.el, maybe we can improve compile.el's backward compatibility to
cover this case.  I already have changes pending to add backward
compatibility for compilation-parse-errors-function, used in tex-mode
(in the long run, it'll be better to change tex-mode to use newer
compile.el facilities, but I hope that by getting compile.el to work with
the current tex-mode, I'll help it work with other packages as well).


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