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Re: Compile issues

From: Dave Love
Subject: Re: Compile issues
Date: Fri, 02 Apr 2004 18:46:55 +0100
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monnier <address@hidden> writes:

> I'm not sure I understand the above.  Have you submitted a python-mode
> package here in emacs-devel?

No, to gnu-emacs-sources.  (This doesn't seem to be emacs-devel.)

> I think in this case (and most others), what does help is a concise but
> precise bug-report.  I still haven't seen that about your
> erlang-mode code.

I don't understand how what I said about `next-error' wasn't concise
and precise enough.  Usually I get told off for being too concise.

I thought I'd also been clear as clear as possible about
missing/confusing documentation and rms agreed with at least some of
that.  However, it's difficult to be clear about things I don't
understand or know about.

I do understand the i18n and compiler issues.  Was that unclear?

> Of course, maybe you'll be able to fix your erlang-mode code,
> but I think it would be better if it's not needed (and I assume you
> agree),

No, I don't agree, unless you provide a general facility for dealing
with errors in REPLs (which I'll try to abstract if I ever get it
working with the new scheme).

> so if you could explain to us what does erlang-mode do that
> breaks with the new compile.el, maybe we can improve compile.el's
> backward compatibility to cover this case.

What it does in the released version is broken in Emacs 21.2 anyhow.
I fixed that by having it use `compilation-minor-mode' in the inferior
buffer and sent a patch.  This simply fails to find any errors with
the development Emacs.  I don't know how it's broken or whether it's
possible to make it DTRT now.  That's all I can say until I have time
to digest the new compile.el completely and/or do enough debugging.

The released erlang.el at least:

* Redefines C-x ` to a command which calls next-error (with no arg);

* Calls compile-internal;

* Sets compilation-error-regexp-alist, compilation-parsing-end,
  compilation-error-list, compilation-old-error-list and

I got rid of the first two for 21.2 by using compilation-minor-mode.
The compilation-error-regexp-alist probably isn't necessary for Emacs
21, but the code has to work in other Emacsen (in which you also can't
use compilation-minor-mode).

Python needs extra stuff because of the way it has to do evaluations.

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