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GDB-UI and multiple frames

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: GDB-UI and multiple frames
Date: 02 Apr 2004 22:52:22 -0500
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The buffer/window management of GDB-UI clashes very badly with my setup.
It insist in ignoring all but the frame where I have the *gud* buffer:

- So it splits it into two or three parts and shows me some source buffer
  in there.  OK, many other Emacs packages assume one-frame and split
  things when I don't want them to,but I can live with it.
- So I just delete the annoying window with C-x 0 (maybe after C-x 5 2
  to show the relevant buffer in a separate frame instead).
- I run my program and next thing I know it crashes in gdb-frame-handler
  when doing set-window-buffer because gdb-source-window is not a live
  window any more.  OK, now that's plainly a bug.
- To work around the bug, I do (setq gdb-source-window nil) and next thing
  you know GUD shows me the assembly code in the window where I had *gud*
  (that's a poor choice, but it's a strange situation anyway, I won't hold
  it against gdb-ui for it).
- Now, I want to fix the above so I do C-x 5 2 to show the assembly source
  in its separate window and then C-x b RET to put back my *gud* buffer
  where it was.
- What happens next?  GUD re-removes the *gud* buffer and shows the
  *Machine code foo* in that window instead (even though it's already
  displayed in a different frame).

I think the notion of gdb-source-window just plain does not fit my usage
pattern (I mostly have one frame per buffer).  Short of using the old
"gdb --fullname" interface, what can I do?


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