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Re: vertical bar between windows disrupts my view

From: Joe Corneli
Subject: Re: vertical bar between windows disrupts my view
Date: Sun, 04 Apr 2004 20:31:09 -0500

   (I suppose you mean horisontally, ie side by side)

Oh, yes. I always forget, but that is what I meant.

   So you have switched off the fringes -- normally that pixel is
   "stolen" from the left fringe.

Correct, no fringe.

   The problem is that emacs calculate widths in "columns" rather than
   pixels, so when you split things horisontally, you need to steal
   that pixel somewhere ...   

   I have an idea that it could be taken from the scroll bar instead --
   That would be less visible (also when fringes are present).  I'll put
   it on my todo list.

Watch out!  No scroll bars either!

How about just letting me turn this line off? Or (best) find a way
to change the calculation so no pixels need to be stolen.

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