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more compilation breakage

From: Dave Love
Subject: more compilation breakage
Date: Tue, 27 Apr 2004 12:27:33 +0100
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`compilation-last-buffer' has been removed, so that internal and
external code which sets it no longer DTRT.  I only noticed because I
did an update and then got compiler warnings.

I've been struggling to make python.el do what it should (used to) and
now it looks as though I have to change it again and don't understand
what I'm supposed to do now.  This change isn't in NEWS, but stuff in
simple.el says I now should set `next-error-function' in my major mode
`providing compile-like functionality'.  Why?

I previously understood I should use `compilation-shell-minor-mode' or
`compilation-start' (still not in NEWS either), and expected them to
do what's necessary to make `next-error' work, except that I needed to
be able to set `compilation-last-buffer' on the fly.  If the new
variable basically does the same thing, why change the name and make
external users jump through more hoops if they have to support the
current release and the future one?  (I don't see the logic of moving
compilation functions into the bloated simple.el anyway.)

By the way, the compilation stuff in vc.el still needs fixing for
whatever else it uses which has disappeared from compile.el, as
reported before.

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