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find-file seems to hang

From: Daniel Pfeiffer
Subject: find-file seems to hang
Date: Mon, 4 Oct 2004 23:10:13 +0200


I just set up a local variables line, which sets a mode that scans for imenu. 
When I find it, I get this output, with the cursor sitting after it:

  Scanning buffer for index (100%)

(Actually I did C-x C-v RET, so my attempts at C-g were futile with Emacs
winding up with a **lose** buffer.)

Only when by chance I hit space, did I see this, which clarified the

  Process `eval' or hook local variables in file .Xdefaults? (y or n) y

That came from the after-save-hook, also on the local vars line.  Since I
didn't see this before, I naturally assumed Emacs was hanging.

Any message should go away after a while, if there is a question to be
answered.  Or better, the mini-buffer should be resized to show all output
from a command.

coralament / best Grötens / liebe Grüße / best regards / elkorajn salutojn
Daniel Pfeiffer

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