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Re: Assertion failure in xdisp.c

From: Stefan
Subject: Re: Assertion failure in xdisp.c
Date: Sun, 10 Oct 2004 18:20:00 -0400
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>             if (!row->enabled_p || !MATRIX_ROW_DISPLAYS_TEXT_P (row))
>               abort ();

>     On my Mac OS X machine, catching this abort in the debugger leads to
>     a confusing stack trace (GDB tells me I'm in try_window_id called from
>     try_window_id, and doesn't mention find_first_unchanged_at_end_row).

> This is a bug in GDB.  If you are using GDB as distributed by Apple,
> I suggest you report it to them.

Yes, it's most likely a bug in the GDB they distribute.
Reporting errors to them is too painful (they really want you to be part of
the "apple developer connection" which requires registering and accepting
some silly EULA-like license which I'm not willing to do).


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