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Re: Assertion failure in xdisp.c

From: Nick Roberts
Subject: Re: Assertion failure in xdisp.c
Date: Mon, 11 Oct 2004 14:45:39 +1300

 > > This is a bug in GDB.  If you are using GDB as distributed by Apple,
 > > I suggest you report it to them.
 > Yes, it's most likely a bug in the GDB they distribute.
 > Reporting errors to them is too painful (they really want you to be part of
 > the "apple developer connection" which requires registering and accepting
 > some silly EULA-like license which I'm not willing to do).

It might be worth noting that while Apple developers sometimes contribute to
the FSF GDB at sources.redhat.com they do have their own repository for their
version of GDB. Many of the changes they make do not make it back into the FSF
repository. In particular, their implementation of MI appears to be far more
advanced than that of FSF GDB. I am sure that their source code must be
available, but it would be no easy task to merge their changes into FSF GDB.
Although the Apple developers might like to do this, they do not appear to
have the resources/authorisation. So reporting a bug in GDB as distributed by
Apple might not be as supporting of free software as it seems.


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