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RE: customize - convenience group changes frame fringe setting

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: customize - convenience group changes frame fringe setting
Date: Tue, 12 Oct 2004 09:16:37 -0700

OK, now I understand.

My 2 cents: As someone else (Juri?) suggested, we should allow people to
modify things in other ways than using customize - either by program or
interactively. And we should not override what users choose behind their
backs. That is, they should have some way (besides customize) of changing
things and having their changes stick.

Customize is good, and should perhaps be the generally recommended way to
change things, but it should not be exclusive: people should be able to
change things in other ways too, and those changes should be respected.

In this case, people should be able to set up default-frame-alist outside of
customize and not have their setup overridden.

I suspect (hope) you agree, and are just examining how best to make
customize play well with other ways of changing things.

-----Original Message-----
I wrote:

    In this case it is a conflict between two defaults.  We change
    default-frame-alist, which specifies the settings for all new frames.

You wrote:

    When you say "we" change default-frame-alist - do you mean that it is
    changed by program?

No, I mean that the example you sent me involves the user's explicitly
changing default-frame-alist, setting parameters that normally are
controlled by fringe-mode.  We have to either say "don't do that", or
say what it should mean.

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