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Re: Problem with Eshell and grep.

From: Matt Hodges
Subject: Re: Problem with Eshell and grep.
Date: Wed, 13 Oct 2004 15:39:39 +0100
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>>>>> Juri Linkov writes:

 > > (To reproduce this, it is sufficient to eval (make-local-variable
 > > 'process-environment) and then M-x grep from the same buffer.)

 > That is because rebinding occurs after switching the buffers. This
 > can be fixed by binding `process-environment' locally later, after
 > setting the grep output buffer (patch is below).

Thanks for the fix; it now works as expected.

 > > Also, the binding of compilation-process-setup-function in
 > > eshell-grep may now be obsolete.

 > I know nothing about `eshell-grep' and why it binds
 > `compilation-process-setup-function'. Perhaps, its maintainer
 > should fix `eshell-grep'.

I don't know either, but it has no effect now.


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