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extra compilation patterns

From: Dave Love
Subject: extra compilation patterns
Date: Wed, 20 Oct 2004 16:41:25 +0100
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It doesn't look as though the compilation patterns work with the NAG
Fortran 95 compiler.  I don't have access to the current version, but
its FAQ has:

  ;; Gnuemacs 20.x (but not XEmacs) has changed the compilation regexps.
  ;; So add one for NAGWare f95
  (require 'compile)
  (setq compilation-error-regexp-alist
        (append compilation-error-regexp-alist
                '(("^[A-Za-z ]+[:] \\([^.]+[.][a-zA-Z0-9]+\\), line 
                   1 2))))
(Presumably change A-Za-z to [:alpha:] in that.)

Also an element like:

 '(" line[ \n]\\([0-9]+\\)[ \n]\\(?:col[ \n]\\([0-9]+\\)[ \n]\\)?file[ \n]\\([^ 
:;\n]+\\)" 3 1 2)

is needed to match ftnchek (free Fortran lint) errors like:

    Dummy arg W in module SUBA line 8 file arrayclash.f is array
    L4 used at line 55 file test/assign.f; never set
Warning near line 10 file arrayclash.f: Module contains no executable
Nonportable usage near line 31 col 9 file assign.f: mixed default and explicit

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