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Re: autorevert doesn't change mode-line-modified anymore

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: autorevert doesn't change mode-line-modified anymore
Date: Fri, 22 Oct 2004 06:46:20 -0400

    All the developer can decide is to use emacs -- so I don't really
    think we should make our freedom-loving emacs user suffer from
    corporate non-freedom decisions.

Our mission is eliminating non-free software, not making users
comfortable with accepting corporate non-freedom decisions.
If the user is really freedom-loving, he would quit that job.

We can argue that supporting Emacs on Windows helps lead some people
to stop using Windows.  However, as you've pointed out, Emacs support
for Clearcase would not be an effective way lead people to stop using
Clearcase.  It would just be caving in to an enemy.

The change to autorevert is a small change that mainly corrects a
problem situation.  If in addition it causes trouble for Clearcase
users, that is a bonus.  My decision is not to add an option.

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