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RE: search in Info should not find "File", "Node" etc. in header

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: search in Info should not find "File", "Node" etc. in header
Date: Sat, 30 Oct 2004 16:48:08 -0700

In terms of _implementation_, this may be a special case. In terms of
utilisation, the special case is that searching _finds_ text that is not
part of the Info text (the manual).

IOW, the keywords in the header are not part of the manual content, so they
should not be searchable - just as they are (apparently) not indexed for use
by `Index-search'.

It's one thing to say, if it is the case, that fixing this bug would be
prohibitively costly because of the way things are currently implemented.
That's a reasonable argument.

It's quite another thing to argue that 1) this bug has always been there (so
it's OK), 2) this isn't a bug (though it's an annoyance), or 3) fixing this
bug would mean treating a special implementation case.

Call it an "annoyance" if you like. I call it a bug. The navigational
keywords have no business being searched.

-----Original Message-----From: Karl Berry
    This is how Info behaved from day one.  The stand-alone Info reader
    also does that.  So if we change this, a similar change should be done
    in the Texinfo package.

Isn't this a general feature of Emacs?  (setq case-fold-search nil) to
get case-sensitive searches.

I can see that it's unfortunate that the searches find the text at the
beginning of each node (I've been annoyed by that myself), but I think
any special casing of that would would cause more trouble than it
solves.  Sorry.

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