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Focus problem with multiple frames & popup help

From: Richard . G . Bielawski
Subject: Focus problem with multiple frames & popup help
Date: Wed, 2 Feb 2005 14:11:31 -0600

This occurs on all the MS systems I've tried: NT, W2K, XP & XP-pro
It's been happening on all versions of 21.3.50 since I started trying them
in Jul-04. 
I've never been in a position to compile Emacs myself until yesterday so was
hesitant to report problems with months old binaries off the net.  This
still occurred with CVS as of last night.

emacs -q
C-x 5 2   
Float the mouse over anything with popup help.  Toolbar buttons and the mode
line are good places.
The original frame grabs the foreground.  It doesn't have focus; your new
frame still does.  But your new frame is now hidden by an out-of-focus

Richard Bielawski

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