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etc/DEBUG clarification

From: Nick Roberts
Subject: etc/DEBUG clarification
Date: Fri, 4 Feb 2005 12:18:00 +1300

 > etc/DEBUG claims
 > > ** When you debug Emacs with GDB, you should start it in the directory
 > > where you built Emacs.  That directory has a .gdbinit file that defines
 > > various "user-defined" commands for debugging Emacs.
 > you (well I do) actually build emacs in the top level of the tree, this
 > statement refers to the src directory one level down (where the executable
 > was built).
 > I think it should say the src directory containing the emacs executable.

No, I think this sentence is alright. The directory containing the emacs
executable *is* the directory where you built Emacs, by definition. It just
happens that the make command is invoked from the directory above.


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