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flyspell-large-region doesn't work with aspell

From: Magnus Henoch
Subject: flyspell-large-region doesn't work with aspell
Date: Sun, 27 Feb 2005 15:24:11 +0100
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When using flyspell with aspell (ispell-program-name being "aspell"),
flyspell-large-region fails with the message "Can't check region...".
The buffer *flyspell-region* contains 'Error: You must specify a
parameter for "-l".'.

aspell expects "list" instead of "-l".  I think flyspell-large-region
should pass this if ispell-really-aspell is non-nil.

In GNU Emacs (powerpc-unknown-netbsd2.0, X toolkit, Xaw3d scroll bars)
 of 2005-02-13 on zemdatav
Distributor `The XFree86 Project, Inc', version 11.0.40400000
configured using `configure  'CPPFLAGS=-I/usr/local/include' 

Important settings:
  value of $LC_ALL: nil
  value of $LC_COLLATE: nil
  value of $LC_CTYPE: nil
  value of $LC_MESSAGES: nil
  value of $LC_MONETARY: nil
  value of $LC_NUMERIC: nil
  value of $LC_TIME: nil
  value of $LANG: nil
  locale-coding-system: nil
  default-enable-multibyte-characters: t

Major mode: Custom

Minor modes in effect:
  erc-autojoin-mode: t
  erc-button-mode: t
  erc-ring-mode: t
  erc-pcomplete-mode: t
  erc-track-mode: t
  erc-fill-mode: t
  erc-netsplit-mode: t
  erc-match-mode: t
  erc-stamp-mode: t
  erc-irccontrols-mode: t
  erc-noncommands-mode: t
  jabber-activity-mode: t
  jabber-mode-line-mode: t
  mouse-wheel-mode: t
  global-font-lock-mode: t
  font-lock-mode: t
  unify-8859-on-encoding-mode: t
  utf-translate-cjk-mode: t
  line-number-mode: t

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C-x o <tab> <tab> <return> M-x r e p o r t SPC e m 

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