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Re: iconify-frame and make-frame-visible messages in echo area

From: Jan D.
Subject: Re: iconify-frame and make-frame-visible messages in echo area
Date: Sun, 27 Feb 2005 20:48:39 +0100
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Stephen Berman wrote:

On 8 Feb 2003 Benjamin Rutt posted the bug report pasted below.  There
was no answer on the list and the behavior still persists (the
specific window manager is probably irrelevant; I mostly use KDE and
it happens there too).

I just updated emacs CVS today (previously I had been using CVS from
about 6 months ago) and noticed what I believe is a bug, that wasn't
there in CVS 6 months ago.  I'm using the window manager WindowMaker.

Here is the problem:  every time I switch workspaces (a WindowMaker
term) from one containing an emacs frame to one that doesn't contain
an emacs frame, I get a message in the emacs echo area like:

(iconify-frame (#<frame <address@hidden>  *scratch* 0x570a00>))

And when I return to the workspace that contains the emacs frame, I
get the following message in the echo area:

(make-frame-visible (#<frame <address@hidden>  *scratch* 0x570a00>))

Are these kind of messages supposed to be sent to the echo area?  Can
I suppress them?  Thank you very much.

These messages are not supposed to be there. But I do not get them using a recent CVS Emacs (I tri4ed windowmaker). Do you still get them when starting Emacs with -Q? They look some debug messages, they may have been taken out recently.

   Jan D.

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