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Re: Point of wrong window used in read-from-minibuffer?

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: Point of wrong window used in read-from-minibuffer?
Date: Mon, 04 Apr 2005 18:52:02 -0400
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> - Load a vhdl file
> - Divide emacs into two windows vertically, both showing the same buffer
> - Jump to the end of the buffer in the upper window
> - Switch to the lower window, near the beginning
> - Type "signal " (with a space afterwards), this triggers the template 
> insertion
>   mechanism for a signal 
> - type any name at the minibuffer prompt, eg. test and press return.
> - type any type at the minibuffer prompt, eg. std_logic and press return.
-> ! The region between the signal and the point in the other buffer is
>     deleted ! 
> - type any initialization value at the minibuffer prompt and press return.
-> Error message: "byte-code: Invalid search bound (wrong side of point)"

Can't reproduce it here.  I tried a few different cases but can't seem to
trigger the behavior you describe.  Looking at the code, the only place that
might look "suspicious" is the TAB expansion in the prompt, but even that
seems to work fine.

Can you try and give an even more precise recipe
starting from "emacs -Q ~/tmp/newfile.vhdl" ?


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