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Re: junk in *grep* buffers

From: Lute Kamstra
Subject: Re: junk in *grep* buffers
Date: Wed, 06 Apr 2005 01:46:34 +0200
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Dave Love <address@hidden> writes:

> Escape sequences appear randomly in *grep* buffers, at least on
> lines with two matches.  You can get different results from running
> the same grep multiple times, but not reproducibly, and you may not
> see the escapes the first time.


I've noticed a problem that's likely related.

When I do M-x grep and use

  grep -nH -e "(define-minor-mode" lisp/*.el

I get a *grep* buffer with occurrences of "(define-minor-mode" in lisp
files.  Every time that I tried, most lines in this buffer give the
text "(define-minor-mode" the grep-match-face, but a few lines don't
fontify "(define-minor-mode".  The strange thing is that the lines
that don't fontify "(define-minor-mode" are different every time I
invoke grep.

I've got a sneaky suspicion that something goes awry with the
interaction between font-locking and the code in
grep-mode-font-lock-keywords that removes the escape sequences.


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