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gud-pdb-command-name wrong

From: Nick Roberts
Subject: gud-pdb-command-name wrong
Date: Wed, 6 Apr 2005 14:36:28 +1200

 > The value of gud-pdb-command-name was changed from "pdb", which I
 > think was a result of my misunderstanding.  It should be changed back
 > to "pdb" since the output of the `pydb' variant of the debugger isn't
 > compatible.
 > The doc string could note that incompatibility.  It could also say
 > that if you don't have a "pdb" executable on your path, you can
 > probably use the absolute file name of the pdb module -- "pdb" is
 > normally a link to it.

Since you probably understand this better than others on this list, could you
please send a patch? I will then install it.


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