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Re: Your Website

From: Sarah Lynch
Subject: Re: Your Website
Date: Wed, 6 Apr 2005 21:47:16 -0400

Dear Friend,

You have NO IDEA what you are about to experience.

I am part of a team of ultra-successful entrepreneurs with multiple-six
and seven figure incomes. We're looking to work with other highly
motivated people who are looking to achieve the same results.

Here’s how: A few years ago, I was absolutely stressed out and broke.
Completely burned out, I was floored when I discovered that countless
people are running successful businesses, making absolute fortunes
working from home, utilizing the internet.

This is the age of automated, hybrid businesses with brilliant
marketing techniques and most people don't even know that these
opportunities even exist or how to get started.

 "I believe that anyone with burning desire can duplicate our results."

BUT, here’s the catch. Chances are, no matter what I tell you or how
good  this sounds, you won’t believe me anyway. Maybe you’ve
been “burned” once too many times, or, maybe it just sounds “too good
to be true”.  Maybe you believe that lot’s of money requires hard work. 

Maybe you intend to retire like millions of Americans who helplessly
watched their 401Ks evaporate.

If you’re not into free enterprise, you ARE working for someone who is!

Whether or not you choose to believe anything I say is entirely up to 

In fact, I COULD CARE LESS what you do. I am successful and achieve my 
goals regardless. Trust me; I don’t need any extra company. 

If your income goal is at LEAST $1800 per day, I will show you the
EXACT system that I use, FROM MY HOME OFFICE.

You check it out and YOU DECIDE!  click on the link below to learn more:

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