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Re: character syntax fixes needed

From: Dave Love
Subject: Re: character syntax fixes needed
Date: Mon, 11 Apr 2005 23:03:17 +0100
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Kenichi Handa <address@hidden> writes:

> Unicode doesn't say which syntax a character should have in
> Emacs.

I know it doesn't in detail -- the Emacs syntax codes don't actually
map directly to the Unicode properties.  Categories can do that if

> Even if we give guillemets "generic string
> delimiter" syntax, it doesn't mean emacs thinks it's not a
> punctuation character.  What emacs thinks is just that its
> SYNTAX is not "punctuation character", which doesn't
> conflict wiht Unicode's definition about a character.

I don't understand what you mean, but if you give these things generic
string syntax (a) it's contrary to what the Emacs doc says about how
text modes should behave, (b) they have to be assumed to be balanced
and (c) they have to be assumed not to nest like « … ‹ … › … ».

> So, it seems that even Unicode thinks that they are supposed
> to be used as a pair in some sense.

Yes, typically, but they are not always used in pairs and as far as I
remember, only the low-9 Latin quotation marks are used consistently.  

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