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Re: BibTeX-mode: Key generation when latin-1 characters appear in author

From: Christian Schlauer
Subject: Re: BibTeX-mode: Key generation when latin-1 characters appear in author field
Date: Wed, 13 Apr 2005 17:26:23 +0200
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Ralf Angeli <address@hidden> writes:

> * Christian Schlauer (2005-04-12) writes:
> [BibTeX keys]
>> There is one more questionmark, though: should these keys contain
>> non-ASCII characters?
> [...]
>> So it would be safer to ``strip accents'', I guess?
> You can customize `bibtex-autokey-name-change-strings' for this
> purpose:

I didn't expect this to be customizable, I was _sure_ this is
hard-coded somewhere. But then, this is Emacs, of course :-)

> ,----
> | bibtex-autokey-name-change-strings's value is shown below.
> | 
> | Alist of (OLD-REGEXP . NEW-STRING) pairs.
> | Any part of a name matching OLD-REGEXP is replaced by NEW-STRING.
> | Case is significant in OLD-REGEXP.

And OLD-REGEXP already contains `\"a', `"a' (which represent `ä') and
changes them to `ae', so I agree with you that

> Maybe it would be possible to add umlauts and accented characters to
> the default?

so that we get `ä' in that list, too. (And all the other
dots/hats/accents/you-name-it too, of course.) It would be great to
see this added to the default list. There is of course a whole lot of
`funny characters', but it would be desirable to have them in that

> I don't know what would happen in unibyte mode with stuff like this,
> though.

I hope someone can answer that...
Christian Schlauer

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