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add bindings for S-KEY

From: Dan Nicolaescu
Subject: add bindings for S-KEY
Date: Fri, 15 Apr 2005 15:32:50 -0700

Looking through the terminfo man page, it seems that the capabilities
that describe SHIFT-SOME_KEY are not used by Emacs. 

Adding this code to term.c:struct fkey_table keys
adds support for S-KEY, where KEY is a key that Emacs supports

  {"&9", "S-begin"},     /*shifted begin key*/
  {"&0", "S-cancel"},    /*shifted cancel key*/
  {"*1", "S-execute"},   /*shifted execute? actually shifted command key*/
  {"*4", "S-delete"},    /*shifted delete-character key*/
  {"*7", "S-end"},       /*shifted end key*/
  {"*8", "S-clearline"}, /*shifted clear-to end-of-line key*/
  {"*0", "S-find"},      /*shifted find key*/
  {"#1", "S-help"},      /*shifted help key*/
  {"#2", "S-home"},      /*shifted home key*/
  {"#3", "S-insert"},    /*shifted insert-character key*/
  {"#4", "S-left"},      /*shifted left-arrow key*/
  {"%d", "S-menu"},      /*shifted menu? actually shifted options key*/
  {"%c", "S-next"},      /*shifted next key*/
  {"%e", "S-prior"},     /*shifted previous key*/
  {"%f", "S-print"},     /*shifted print key*/
  {"%g", "S-redo"},      /*shifted redo key*/
  {"%i", "S-right"},     /*shifted right-arrow key*/
  {"!3", "S-undo"},      /*shifted undo key*/

Would it be a good idea to add the above code? 

Emacs does not support some keys at all, so it does not make much
sense to add support for the S- version. 

    {"*3", "S-CRT"},       shifted create key
  {"*2", "S-copy"},        shifted copy key 

       key_sdl                  "*5"    shifted delete-line key 
       key_sexit                "*9"    shifted exit key 
       key_smessage             "%a"    shifted message key 
       key_smove                "%b"    shifted move key 
       key_sreplace             "%h"    shifted replace key 
       key_srsume               "%j"    shifted resume key 
       key_ssave                "!1"    shifted save key 
       key_ssuspend             "!2"    shifted suspend key 


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