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Re: two imenu entries for same function in C-mode

From: martin rudalics
Subject: Re: two imenu entries for same function in C-mode
Date: Wed, 20 Apr 2005 09:36:22 +0200
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(On a related note, any regex junkies want to take a crack at the c-mode regex(es)? Some of those "identifiers" found in abbrev.c are buried in comments.)


... you can find them in strings too.  However, regexps are not well
suited to establish whether an identifier is within a string or comment.
One could apply heuristics to rule out more blatant occurrences but this
might be expensive.  I see three ways to handle this problem:

(1) Impose strict rules on comment and string styles.  For example, you
    could require that any left paren within a comment or string must be
    preceded by a backslash.  However, such rules aren't even followed
    very closely by elisp programmers.  Also, routines for commenting
    out/in code would have to be rewritten accordingly.

(2) Rewrite Imenu in order to do some minimal parsing.  This would
    require to duplicate the first two passes of font-lock and write
    something similar to font-lock's third pass.  Suitable for people
    who don't like syntax highlighting.

(3) Let font-lock do the work.  In this case, the _entire_ buffer would
    have to be fontified immediately when visiting a file.  Stealth
    fontification could be only applied after buffer modifications and
    would have to be synchronized appropriately with Imenu lookup.

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