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Re: Cannot load generic-x

From: David Hunter
Subject: Re: Cannot load generic-x
Date: Sun, 24 Apr 2005 02:20:38 -0400
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Dieter Deyke wrote:

Starting emacs -Q and typing M-x load-library generic-x results in error 
eval-buffer: Symbol's value as variable is void: default-generic-mode

You probably have a leftover byte-compiled version of a month-old generic.el 
and a recent version of generic-x.el.  10 days ago, generic.el was moved from 
lisp/ to lisp/emacs-lisp/.  If you did a cvs update, then it moved generic.el 
for you.  But since .elc files aren't in CVS, you have to keep on top of them 
yourself.  emacs is likely finding and loading the old generic.elc, ignoring 
the new generic.el source entirely.

Make sure that lisp/emacs-lisp/generic.el is a recent version.  Delete 

If you find more problems, you should `make bootstrap'.  This deletes all .elc 
files and avoids these problems.

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