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Re: flyspell.el: down-mouse-2 leads to unwanted text insertion

From: Ralf Angeli
Subject: Re: flyspell.el: down-mouse-2 leads to unwanted text insertion
Date: Tue, 26 Apr 2005 15:03:22 +0200
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* Stefan Monnier (2005-04-01) writes:

> Oh, I can reproduce it:
> The problem seems to be in the mouse-drag-region code.
> You have to do:
>     - press mouse-1 somewhwere
>     - drag to select a region
>     - release mouse-1
>     - move mouse to the word with bad spelling
>     - press mouse-2
>       !! the menu does not appear yet !!
>     - release mouse-2
>       !! the menu now appears !!
>     - select something in the menu (or nothing)
>     - when you finally exit the menu with a mouse click,
>       the menu is popped down (on the release event) and then
>       the mouse-yank-at-click command is called

I just ran into this again and this time I am sure that I did not use
the mouse to select anything in the buffer.  There is however data
available for yanking which was killed before but not necessarily in
the same Emacs session.

The symptoms are the following: When pressing mouse-2 on a misspelled
word, the flyspell menu will appear as soon as mouse-2 is released and
will stay opened.  I can close it again by clicking with mouse-1
somewhere in the buffer.  As soon as this happens, text will get
yanked at the point of the original mouse-2 click.  This behavior only
happens if clicking and releasing the mouse button is done fast.

In contrast, when I press mouse-2 and hold it a few milliseconds, the
flyspell menu will appear.  After this happens, releasing mouse-2 will
close the menu again and no yank will be carried out.

> Yes, I think I see the problem.  It's in the dreadful
> mouse-show-mark function: it does

I did a `M-x debug-on-entry RET mouse-show-mark RET' and it wasn't
called when pressing mouse-2, releasing mouse-2, or clicking with
mouse-1.  So this seems to be a different problem.

Unfortunately I don't know how to reproduce this behavior reliably.  I
see it mostly in LaTeX buffers because this is the only case where I
have flyspell activated.  But not in all such buffers.  Because when
trying this with a different file, I cannot reproduce it.  And I don't
really know how to debug it either. )c:


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