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X11 resource to turn on visible-bell

From: Dan Nicolaescu
Subject: X11 resource to turn on visible-bell
Date: Tue, 26 Apr 2005 14:28:06 -0700

I find the bell sound very annoying, adding (setq visible-bell t) to
.emacs gets rid of it nicely. 
But that does not work when running "emacs -q". 
It would be nice to have an X11 resource to use visible-bell. 
Xterm has a resource called "visualBell", Emacs could use the same

Would something like this be a good addition to Emacs? 

*** startup.el  23 Apr 2005 20:40:35 -0700      1.355
--- startup.el  26 Apr 2005 13:48:20 -0700      
*** 727,732 ****
--- 727,738 ----
                                '("off" "false")))))
      (setq no-blinking-cursor t))
+   (when (and (not noninteractive)
+            (memq window-system '(x w32 mac))
+            (member (x-get-resource "visualBell" "VisualBell")
+                         '("on" "true")))
+     (setq visible-bell t))
    ;; If frame was created with a menu bar, set menu-bar-mode on.
    (unless (or noninteractive

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