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c-macro-expand isn't part of CC Mode [Was: cpp use in cc-mode is broken]

From: Nick Roberts
Subject: c-macro-expand isn't part of CC Mode [Was: cpp use in cc-mode is broken]
Date: Wed, 4 May 2005 10:05:16 +1200

Alan Mackenzie writes:
 > >As of a few days ago, the cc-mode in cvs emacs seems to preprocess the
 > >source file in order to determine the C macros present.

Actually to generate a list of #define directives.

 > Please Note: `c-macro-expand', despite its name, is _NOT_ part of CC
 > Mode.  Its name prefix "c-" is misleading here.  That, and the fact that
 > it has a binding in some of the CC Mode keymaps, is its only connection
 > with CC Mode.  (If you look carefully, you'll find it's not in the CC
 > Mode manual.  ;-)

Within Emacs CVS, I think both cc-mode.el and cmacexp.el are part of

 > `c-macro-expand' actually lives in the file
 > .../list/progmodes/cmacexp.el.  This file was last updated 3 years 8
 > months ago by Eli.

Thats why I'm interested in updating the variable c-macro-preprocessor.

 > There seem to have been a lot of patches to cc-mode.el and friends for
 > c-macro-expand in the last week.  Would somebody please take all these
 > changes out of the CC Mode files and put them into cmacexp.el instead.
 > Otherwise, there's going to be confusion and significant lack of
 > happiness when the time comes to merge the upcoming version of CC Mode
 > (5.31) into savannah.

They wouldn't work in cmacexp.el because they were part of c-mode. I've
already moved them now into gud.el and gdb-ui.el, anyway. Not because
cc-mode.el is part of CC Mode but because they were bad changes. If someone
makes good changes to cc-*.el files in Emacs CVS, then they would presumably
become part of your merge.


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