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Re: Menu filter triggered too early

From: Ralf Angeli
Subject: Re: Menu filter triggered too early
Date: Sun, 08 May 2005 01:04:38 +0200
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* Stefan Monnier (2005-05-07) writes:

>> So we searched for a way to delay the question about the master file
>> until this information is actually needed in the editing process.  One
>> of these events is when the user opens the menu for inserting a LaTeX
>> environment or macro.
> I understand.  I do think the current behavior of menu filters (and
> similarly for menu-bar-update-hook) is not great, but it takes work to fix
> it and it's pretty far down the priority list (and it has to be fixed for
> each and every toolkit, often in different ways for each toolkit, ...).

That's no problem because first, as mentioned before, we have an
alternative implementation in place and second, a fix in CVS Emacs
won't help us with Emacs 21 in case there are the same problems.

> Note, tho, that as a user I'd be at least perplexed if clicking on the
> menubar didn't open the menu immediately but instead proceeded to first
> give me a prompt asking me to enter the name of the master file.  So even if
> we fix the menu filters, it doesn't seem like a good solution to
> your problem.

We discussed this quite extensively on the AUCTeX mailing list and
that's my opinion as well.  Besides, the implementation lead to
strange effects on Emacs 21 (Xaw toolkit). I got a "Minibuf" menu with
menu entries from the LaTeX menu because the minibuffer was activated
for the master file question while the LaTeX menu was open.
Alternatively Emacs simply segfaulted.


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