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cua-mode, cua-keep-region-after-copy

From: David Reitter
Subject: cua-mode, cua-keep-region-after-copy
Date: Wed, 11 May 2005 21:09:21 +0100

There is a problem with cua-mode in conjunction with cua-keep-region-after-copy.

If I select some (small piece of) text and copy it to the clipboard (cua-copy-region as in Edit menu, or clipboard-kill-ring-save as called via toolbar button), and then

- select all text in buffer (mark-whole-buffer)
- hit cua-copy-region or clipboard-kill-ring-save
- hit cua-paste (as in Edit menu or toolbar)

then the small text from before replaces the buffer.

What should happen is that the whole buffer should be copied into the clipboard and it should be used during the paste action.

This produces in a plain CVS emacs (on OS X) in the following configuration:

(setq cua-keep-region-after-copy t)
(cua-mode 1) ;; this goes first (so we can overwrite the settings)

It looks like the cua-keep-region-after-copy is necessary to reproduce this.

While I'm at it: may I suggest that cua-mode maps the toolbar copy button correctly?

-- D

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