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Graeberschaendung auf bundesdeutsche Anordnung (KMM22167860V20461L0KM)

From: Member Mailing
Subject: Graeberschaendung auf bundesdeutsche Anordnung (KMM22167860V20461L0KM)
Date: Mon, 16 May 2005 01:14:35 -0400

Thanks for writing to iVillage Customer Support. We are replying to let you 
know that your email has been received by our Customer Support team and is 
being processed.  As the number one source for women's information and 
community online, iVillage receives a large volume of customer service email 
each day.  We typically process and respond to the average request within a few 
days, and we're constantly looking for ways to improve service to valuable 
customers like you.  

Please do not respond to this email.  It is automatically generated and will 
not be seen by the Customer Support team.  You'll be hearing from us soon. 

Thanks again for sending us your comments, and thanks for visiting iVillage.

iVillage Inc., 500 Seventh Avenue, New York, NY 10018 - iVillage Inc. is a 
leading women's media company that includes iVillage.com, Women.com, gURL.com, 
Astrology.com, Promotions.com, iVillage Parenting Network, The Newborn Channel, 
Lamaze Publishing, Business Women's Network, Diversity Best Practices, Best 
Practices in Corporate Communications, Healthology Inc., and iVillage 
Consulting. The information contained in this communication may be 
confidential, is intended only for the use of the recipient named above, and 
may be construed under applicable law to be a commercial email. If you have 
received this communication in error, please delete this message from your 
computer system. If you are the recipient named above and do not wish to 
receive any future commercial emails, please reply to the sender with a message 
stating such preference. (M1)

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