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Re: iswitchb and regexps.

From: Matt Hodges
Subject: Re: iswitchb and regexps.
Date: Sun, 22 May 2005 10:33:18 +0100
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>>>>> Michael Cadilhac writes:

 > With iswitchb-mode, C-x b, then hit C-t to enable regexp mode, and
 > then `['.

 > This gives me the following error message: Error in
 > post-command-hook: (invalid-regexp Unmatched [ or [^) then makes
 > buffer switching completely unusable until C-g.

This is documented in the source:

    ;; Regexp matching

    ;; There is limited provision for regexp matching within iswitchb,
    ;; enabled through `iswitchb-regexp'.  This allows you to type `c$'
    ;; for example and see all buffer names ending in `c'.  This facility
    ;; is quite limited though in two respects.  First, you can't
    ;; currently type in expressions like `[0-9]' directly -- you have to
    ;; type them in when iswitchb-regexp is nil and then toggle on the
    ;; regexp functionality.  Likewise, don't enter an expression
    ;; containing `\' in regexp mode.  If you try, iswitchb gets confused,
    ;; so just hit C-g and try again.  Secondly, no completion mechanism
    ;; is currently offered when regexp searching.

However, I think the error in post-command-hook should be handled.
The attached patch shows how this might be done, but isn't a complete

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