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mac-command-key-is-meta on non-mac systems

From: Matan Ninio
Subject: mac-command-key-is-meta on non-mac systems
Date: 29 May 2005 21:27:18 +0300

I'm now working on both a mac laptop and a gnu/linux desktop system, and
I pull the emacs session from the desktop to my laptop for work.  This
means I run the linux variant on the Mac screen/keyboard.  There is a
small problem with running emacs on macintosh keyboards which is
solvable via setting the mac-command-key-is-meta variable.  But this
variable is only defined on emacsen that where compiled on/for
As this is a feature of the client and not the server, perhaps this
could should be part of all emacs and not just the mac ones? 
Matan Ninio             
VI VI VI - The Roman Number of The Beast

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