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Re: Crash when visiting source file

From: Steven T. Hatton
Subject: Re: Crash when visiting source file
Date: Tue, 31 May 2005 19:08:17 -0400
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On Tuesday 31 May 2005 08:33, Stefan Monnier wrote:
> > The backtrace I get when I type bt is 84000+ lines.
> When?  If Emacs seems to hang, it means it's stuck in an (almost-)inf-loop,
> and you can try stopping it a few times and compare the backtraces.
> The one you show was taken from within the GC, which always leads to such
> long lists of `mark_object', so better skip that backtrace and try
> another one.
> In any case the backtrace you show seems not to be from a regexp-match.
> You could try and check the value of Vinhibit_quit with
>     (gdb) p Vinhibit_quit
>     (gdb) xtype
>     <should say it's a symbol>
>     (gdb) xsymbol
>     <could say "nil" or "t">
>         Stefan
> PS: It's also useful sometimes to show the result of xbacktrace (see
>     etc/DEBUG as well for more info about debugging in general).

The attached file contains the top and bottom of a Lisp backtrace I got from 
C-g, after enabling enter debugger on quit.  I tried to send the whole thing, 
but the mail server bounced it.  It's pretty clear to me that EDE is going 
into (potentially) infinite recursion.  I'm not sure if it is really related 
to svn, or simply to its trying to visit every Makefile.am in the source 
tree. I try playing around with GDB to see if I can get anything interesting 
that way, but I really believe the problem is clearly revealed by the 
attached backtrace.

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