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Re: Crashes of GNU Emacs 23

From: Nick Roberts
Subject: Re: Crashes of GNU Emacs 23
Date: Thu, 7 Jul 2005 17:12:59 +1200

> > What you need to do is start emacs under gdb in the Emacs source 
> > directory.

> Doesn't work so fine ...

> From within stable GNU Emacs 22.0.50 I get in the *gud-emacs* buffer:

I don't think Jan is saying start gdb "in Emacs".

> and in *Backtrace* buffer:

> Debugger entered--Lisp error: (void-variable font-lock-warning-face)
>    gud-gdb-marker-filter("\nerror-begin\n.gdbinit:705: Error in 

Anyway, I have fixed this now, if you want to try again.

> pete 154 /\ gdb

Its generally best to start with "gdb emacs"

> No symbol table is loaded.  Use the "file" command.
> (gdb) exec-file emacs

And if you don't, you need:

(gdb) file emacs

so that the symbols get loaded

> Reading symbols for shared libraries ................ done
> (gdb) run
> Starting program: 
> /Users/pete/Quellen/Emacs_CVS/emacs--unicode--0--patch-67/src/emacs
> Reading symbols for shared libraries 
> .++++..................................................\
>   done

> But -- (x-synchronize t) does nothing ... When I then choose an item 
> from the menu GNU Emcas crashes. gdb tells me:

> X protocol error: BadFont (invalid Font parameter) on protocol request 
> 55

> Program exited with code 0106.
> (gdb) where
> No stack.

There's no stack because execution has finished.  What has happened between
the X protocol error and here to cause this?


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