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RE: bug in ls-lisp.el (was: Sorting of directories in dired)

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: bug in ls-lisp.el (was: Sorting of directories in dired)
Date: Fri, 8 Jul 2005 15:34:23 -0700

    From: Eli Zaretskii [mailto:address@hidden

    You failed to mention that the reaction to this suggested change was
    mixed: some liked it, others didn't (I'm one of those who didn't).

    So I don't think we should apply this change.

Choose whatever you like. I'm simply pointing out that the code is not
consistent and clean.

The defcustoms of ls-lisp-ignore-case and ls-lisp-verbosity, which are
eval'd at preload time, do things based on the value of ls-lisp-emulation,
checking it for equality with `MS-Windows' - and it can _never_ be equal to
`MS-Windows' - so why make those tests?

I mentioned in my original email that there are two choices for cleaning up
the code: 1) uncomment the commented line (my preference), or 2) get rid of
the phony tests in the other two defcustoms. I specifically mentioned both
options each time I explained this. I do have a preference, but there is a
bug (untidy code) _regardless of one's preference_. That's all.

A third option is to 3) do nothing, leaving the cruft in place. If you like
code that suggests that it does something platform-specific but does not,
fine. It's just misleading and might promote confusion for maintainers - a
minor problem. It might also confuse users who choose to look at the initial
Lisp expression in Customize - that's a bit more serious, but still minor.

The poor choice of default behavior for Windows users is the most serious
flaw, but I don't expect to convince you of that. I don't really care at the
end of the day - not enough to argue, anyway. Like others, I just set all
three variables. End of story.

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