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RE: Emacs lisp reference manual version 2.7?

From: Richard.G.Bielawski
Subject: RE: Emacs lisp reference manual version 2.7?
Date: Fri, 8 Jul 2005 19:44:49 -0500

>PS  A month ago I proposed to delete the edition number from the online
>    versions of the manual but you voted against it.

Yes, mine came from
where the
same version can still be found.

And I would second the vote against removing the version number.  As a
newbee I
depended on that (perhaps wrongly) telling me if I'd found a newer
version of
the manual in html format (which I always looked/wished for).

I depended on the html version for 2 reasons.  1 it was easily printed
keystroke gave me the whole manual).  2 remembering the editing
keychords was a
monumental enough task that remembering the keys for accessing and
searching the
built in help (which are completely different from keys I'd use to
search the
text I was editing!) was just too much.  Plus, INFO limits my view too
much.  I
can only see one INFO node at a time.  In one-page html I can view as
much as
will fit on my screen (which is pretty much on dual 24" 1980x1200

Now, I know the keys but still don't use INFO.  I know where things are
so I can
just use a hard-copy.  Formatted like this:

makeinfo --html --no-headers --no-split

printed 4-up duplex with a spiral binding, I see 8 pages at once and it
take a single pixel away from my view of whatever I'm working on.  Not
mention I can get up and walk around while reading it, stick bookmarks
in it,
write notes in it ...    get back to work Rick.. Ok Bye.

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