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Re: The Incredible Shrinking Emacs/GTK

From: Jan D.
Subject: Re: The Incredible Shrinking Emacs/GTK
Date: Mon, 11 Jul 2005 16:44:41 +0200
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Gary Lawrence Murphy wrote:

Nothing serious, hopefully already notited, but in using the GTK+ version
with GNUS, the Emacs window shrinks over time due to miscalculations in
the frame size.  This may happen with other applications, but I think
GNUS re-divides the frames so often that the effect is very pronounced.

I think what happens is a miscalculation of the mini-buffer height.  When
empty, it is one size, when something is printed the whole frame grows to
accommodate the text, and then when we go back to a sub-height minibuffer
the whole frame shrinks but just a tiny bit more than when it started.
Over the course of the day, my 43-line frame will slowly shrink down to
about two dozen lines.

Does this only happen when running GNUS? Emacs does not grow the frame size when the minibuffer grows, it shrinks the window above it. Does GNUS change this?

   Jan D.

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