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Consulting Opportunity - Ph.D. Required

From: Karene
Subject: Consulting Opportunity - Ph.D. Required
Date: Mon, 11 Jul 2005 15:01:24 -0400

Dear Business Professional,
I’m writing you today because I’d like to invite you to list your CV or resume 
with our expert witness referral service. There are literally in excess of 2 
million litigation cases filed each year which require industry-specific 
expertise of individuals such as yourself who are in a position to provide 
support, advise counsel, and navigate through the volumes of information on 
which these cases are based – all at very lucrative hourly rates. Expert 
Witness Bank, the world’s premier referral service, actively markets your 
skills to legal industry and charges no fees upon engagement. Expert Witness 
Bank will notify you whenever a project becomes available which is suitably 
matched to your expertise. 
Please visit www.expertwitnessbank.com/info.html and learn more about the 
benefits of joining our premier network.
As an Expert Witness Bank member you will be able to upload your resume and 
list all areas of your expertise. You will also have the opportunity to upgrade 
to our Premium Membership program and receive weekly notifications of every 
active case for which we are currently seeking experts. For more information 
and to receive our special introductory rate for 1st-time members, visit 
Please list with us only if you are a qualified expert in your field.  Your 
listing will be declined otherwise. As I have reached you directly however, I 
apologize in advance if I have misunderstood your area of expertise.
I hope that you choose to join our referral service.  If you have any questions 
or require assistance listing your resume with us, please don’t hesitate to 
email me directly at address@hidden
I sincerely look forward to working with you,

Karene France
Expert Witness Bank | address@hidden 
A Service of Micro Survivor, Inc.
Tel: 650-248-4831
Fax: 650-249-3557
The World's Premier Expert Witness Referral Network

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