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RE: problems with face-spec-reset-face and set-face-attribute

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: problems with face-spec-reset-face and set-face-attribute
Date: Sat, 23 Jul 2005 08:37:43 -0700

    Perhaps I missed something, but it looks like this is simply
    unsupported: we handle most face changes for future frames by storing
    appropriate frame parameters in default-frame-alist, but face
    inheritance does not (and probably cannot) work like that.

    Kim, could you please see if I overlooked something?

Sorry to meddle here, but I'm not sure if you're saying that this won't
(should not) be supported or not.

For `face-spec-reset-face', in particular, I think it's important that this
be supported. What's the point of "resetting" a face to `unspecified' for
all its properties _except_ inheritance? If you want to reset it, you
probably (but not always) want to reset it completely.

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