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RE: Problem with exit prompt

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: Problem with exit prompt
Date: Sun, 31 Jul 2005 18:33:27 -0700

    Please try this change.  It won't fix your problem, which doesn't
    happen on GNU/Linux, but it will clarify the various options.

1. Yes, that is clearer. Clearer still would be:

 Yes...     (Show the "..." only if there are more unsaved files)
 Show Unsaved File
 Show Differences Since Last Save
 Yes, Save All Buffers
 Yes, Save Only This Buffer
 No, Save No Buffers

Note the different order. The question asked is only answered directly by
the first two options, so a separator is in order. The next two items also
concern only the file in question (I assume this - I'm not sure what
"Display the Current Buffer" = what I call "Show Unsaved File" really does).
The last three items are extensions of the question to other unsaved files.
(Perhaps put the last group before the second group?)

Question: Should the term be "unsaved file" or "unsaved buffer"? I am not
consistent above, and the prompt question ("file") is also not consistent
with the possible responses ("buffer").

2. Can the functionality be fixed for Windows? Is there no way to make this
work? If you exit via `C-x C-c', the question gets posed normally.



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