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Re: log-view-diff

From: Nick Roberts
Subject: Re: log-view-diff
Date: Fri, 2 Dec 2005 16:58:33 +1300

 > >  > What about the following docstring?  It should correctly document what
 > >  > this function does.
 > >
 > > Why require mark to abe active?
 > Actually, it doesn't require mark to be active.  When mark is not active,
 > it uses the revision at point.

I mean:

Why require mark to be active to diff between two specified revisions?

 > > After all, only the end points are of interest not the region in
 > > between so it could work like dired-diff in this respect.
 > `region-beginning' always returns the minimum position of point or mark,
 > `region-end' returns the maximum position of point or mark.  Those are
 > more convenient functions than using `point' and `mark' and compare
 > their values by `min' and `max' to find the lowest and highest end point.
 > `mark-active' is useful in this function for transient-mark-mode,
 > because end points are only meaningful if the mark is active in
 > transient-mark-mode.

The end points are still meaningful, they're just don't delimit a highlighted
region.  I can find mark by doing C-x C-x.

 > Unlike dired-diff, where the order of the marked file and the file at point
 > can be reversed if needed, in log-view-diff the order is fixed with
 > the more recent revision always going to the second argument of
 > `vc-version-diff', and the older revision to its first argument.

I didn't say that they weren't different in other respects.


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