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Re: find-file sometimes doesn't

From: Richard M. Stallman
Subject: Re: find-file sometimes doesn't
Date: Wed, 07 Dec 2005 23:54:30 -0500

    In the last week, sometimes maybe 1 in 20 times, "C-x C-f (find-file)
    RET" won't find the given file. However, the symptom is that if I'm
    editing buffer "foo", and run find-file to open file bar, instead of
    getting two equally-sized windows containing "foo" and "bar", I get two
    "foo" windows, one of which is only three lines high.

If you delete the second window and try again, does it fail again?

    Coincidentally in the last week, I've noticed that when Emacs starts,
    instead of the splash screen taking up the entire frame, the last buffer
    edited (I use desktop) appears, with a small GNU Emacs window at the
    bottom saying to use C-l to start editing. The coincidence is that this
    small window is also three lines and is accompanied by the same light
    show as I mentioned above.

Is this reproducible?
If so, can you please debug it?

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